What is Alliance Express Delivery Escrow?
Alliance Express Delivery works as a neutral third party that provides financial protection for both Buyers and Sellers. Using online Escrow, we collect, hold and disburse funds according to sales terms. Transactions are created online and agreed to by both parties saving time and misunderstandings.

What types of transactions can I use 
Alliance Express Delivery for?
Alliance Express Delivery’s escrow service can be used for the trading of any legal goods with the exception of real estate, services, intangible items, and digital goods. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse service for any transaction.

Can I use 
Alliance Express Delivery for international transactions?
Alliance Express Delivery's Escrow can be used for transactions between countries approved by the United Kingdom government for trade.

Why the payment needs to be made to an
United Kingdom bank account.

Payment need to be made to an United Kingdom bank account because Alliance Express Delivery financial head centre and FCA Authorised Escrow accounts are based in United Kingdom (Alliance Express Delivery being an European Based Company).

What currencies does 
Alliance Express Delivery Escrow accept for international transactions?
All currencies are acceptable as long as the amount we receive coincide with the transaction amount.

How does 
Alliance Express Delivery protect the Seller?
Alliance Express Delivery protects sellers by verifying all buyer purchase funds up front before any exchange of items takes place. Not only does this eliminate the risk of non-payment or insufficient funds, but also guarantees serious buyers - not just window shoppers.

How does 
Alliance Express Delivery protect the Buyer?
Alliance Express Delivery protects buyers by holding their funds in a neutral, third party bank account until their purchase agreement is completed. Funds cannot be pushed to the seller without the buyer’s approval - protecting against misrepresentation and keeping honest people honest.

Is my personal information safe?
Alliance Express Delivery secures all of our user’s information using 128-bit SSL encryption. Additionally, no banking information is shared between the buyer or seller and is only held with Alliance Express Delivery for the duration of the transaction.

Does the buyer or seller create the transaction?
Either the buyer or the seller can create the transaction and invite the other party. We recommend that the party who creates the transaction have access to all relevant uploads and transaction details; like photos, description, etc.

Can you change the transaction details after both parties agree to the terms and the transaction is activated?
No. Once the transaction is agreed upon by both parties the transaction details are not editable.

What are the steps in the Escrow process?
1- The Buyer and Seller agree to terms.
2- Transaction is started and merchandise transferred into 
Alliance Express Delivery custody.
3- Buyer is notified by 
Alliance Express Delivery about the transaction details.
4- The Buyer pays 
Alliance Express Delivery.
Alliance Express Delivery ships the merchandise to the Buyer.
6- The Buyer inspects and accepts the merchandise.
7- The Seller is paid by 
Alliance Express Delivery.

Why do I have to provide a copy of my drivers license or passport?
Alliance Express Delivery must verify all of our users identity according to Alliance Express Delivery anti-money laundering policy. This practice is to protect all parties.

How do I fund a transaction?
Once both buyer and seller have approved the transaction details, the funding instructions will be securely delivered to the Buyer's confirmed e-mail address. Funding instruction can be printed off and taken to their bank to initiate the wire transfer.

Alliance Express Delivery email me the funding instructions?
Yes. Funding instruction are only sent securely to the confirmed e-mail address of the Buyer.

What payment methods do you accept?
All transaction are funded by bank wire transfers.

When do escrow funds get released?
The seller is paid only after the buyer give his express consent that everything is in order with the merchandise and that the buyer agreed to keep the merchandise.

Alliance Express Delivery release money to someone other than the Seller?
Alliance Express Delivery will only release funds to a bank account owned by the seller.

How does the buyer request a Refund?
The buyer can request a refund after the merchandise is received and is not complying with the initial agreed description and/or condition. The request will be submitted to 
Alliance Express Delivery for approval, once approved, Alliance Express Delivery will process the refund.

What happens if the buyer never confirm releases of the funds after inspection period ends?
If the buyer never approves the release of funds, 
Alliance Express Delivery can approve the release of funds within 30 days after inspection period has ended as long as there is no dispute in progress and it can be proved that the seller carried out the purchase agreement to completion.

How long will it take until funds appear in the Seller’s account?
Depending on the location and seller's bank account it can take up to 10 business days.

Where does 
Alliance Express Delivery keep my funds held in escrow?
All funds are held in an FDIC insured, non-interest bearing designated escrow account directly affiliated to our
United Kingdom Financial Head Office and are disbursed only upon agreement by both parties. All Alliance Express Delivery Escrow financial transactions need to be directed towards our United Kingdom Financial Head Office.

Can I make partial payments?
No, partial payments are not accepted with our escrow service in order to protect both parties in the same measure.

Is there a fee for international payments?
Yes. International payments will incur a fee that can wary from bank to bank.

Who is responsible for shipping?
Alliance Express Delivery will handle the merchandise at all times, we do not use external carriers.

Alliance Express Delivery a shipping company?
Alliance Express Delivery is a shipping company with a combined experience of more than 150 years. And we are one of the few companies that can also guarantee payment transaction by using it's own escrow service.

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